SodaStream One Touch Review


The SodaStream One Touch has three levels of carbonation you can achieve with the push of one button. The machine creates the carbonation with co2, which comes in a cylinder you screw into the back of the unit. The slim and sleek design sits on the counter and uses the electric wall plug for power. The SodaStream One Touch will make 1 liter of carbonated water, which you store in the BPA-free plastic and stainless bottle provided.

Aarke Carbonator II Review


Sodas are known for being filled with fattening corn syrup and acids strong enough to clean a car engine. To avoid all of those bad things, some people have taken to carbonating their own water in the comfort their home. This means you need to get a carbonator so that you can enjoy your soda without all of the junk. Of course, figuring out which soda maker is the best can be a difficult prospect. While we cannot guarantee that the Aarke is the absolute best, we do still think it is one of the best. That is why we have taken the trouble to review the Aarke carbonator for you.

SodaStream Fizzi Review


The SodaStream Fizzi allows you to make your own sparkling water at home whenever you want it. You can start with ordinary tap water, your favorite bottled water, or add the flavorings you like. Whether you drink a lot of sparkling water or just the occasional refreshing drink, with the Fizzi, you’ll be able to enjoy it a fraction of the cost of store-bought brands, and without the hassle of shopping and carrying heavy bottles home.

The Best SodaStream Flavors – Unbiased Reviews

SodaStream is one of the fastest growing ways people enhance the taste of their carbonated water. Rather than relying on artificial flavors and loads of sugar, SodaStream flavors generally use all-natural materials. If they use sweeteners, they have a tendency to use artificial sweeteners rather than pure sugar.

The Best SodaStream Models – Unbiased Reviews

More and more households are buying soda making machines. The devices are available in many different styles, sizes and prices. Some function using electricity and others are battery powered. Many popular soda makers do not require batteries or electricity, which makes them even more environmentally friendly.

The Best Soda Siphon – Unbiased Reviews

Most home soda makers are either soda siphons or small, independent appliances. Soda siphons attach to the mouth of a bottle and carbonate whatever liquid is in the bottle. It does this through a small CO2 cartridge. inserted into the siphon. Soda machines have CO2 cartridges built into what’s usually a counter-top appliance that can fill a bottle. Many will have features that allow you some control, such as how much CO2 goes into the bottle. They’re easier and faster to use, but also more costly up front, and take up a lot more room.

The Full Price of SodaStream Machines

There are tons of great reasons for buying a SodaStream machine: convenience, better taste (subjective but seems to be the case for almost everyone), environmental benefit, etc. However, it is not always true that you can save money by switching to a soda maker. To understand the true price of SodaStream machines here’s a list of the top elements to consider and a handy calculator to see just how much you would save/lose.


DrinkMate Carbonated Soda Maker Review


The Drinkmate is by far the best option if you’re planning to carbonate drinks other than water. The versatility that being able to carbonate any beverage provides is incredible and people love experimenting and discovering new and delicious beverages that are easy to make. Recommended uses include, sparkling tea, sparkling ice tea, sparkling wine and sparkling juice but users have reported successfully making carbonated cucumber water and other delicious drinks.


7 Great Alternatives to SodaStream Machines

SodaStream is the biggest company by far when it comes to manufacturing soda makers. Headquartered in Israel, the company is over 100 years old and sell hundreds of millions of dollars of product every year, with their refill system being integrated in countries all across the world. Nonetheless, they are not the only company that makes soda makers and lots of competent alternatives are available if you want to avoid their brand while still being able to enjoy delicious home made sparkling water and beverages. Here’s a list of these SodaStream substitutes (filtered to only include good soda makers) that are still available at the moment.


The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money with Soda Makers

Soda makers are simple kitchen appliances that allow you to carbonate your water. They are broadly divided in two categories, soda maker machines (as the name implies, bigger appliances that you attach bottles to) and soda siphons (bottles with a special cap that allows you to carbonate the water inside). They range in price from $15 all the way up to $250 with differences in terms of quality, effectiveness, brand and special features despite the fact that they all serve the same basic purpose.