1. Save Money


First of all, buying a soda maker has the potential of saving your household hundreds of dollars a year. All the money you spend on bottles and cans of sparkling water adds up and eliminating these costs could result in substantial savings. Instead, you will simply need to pay for either the cartridges, the SodaStream carbonator exchanges or whichever manual refill method you are using. The last one especially ends up being much cheaper than buying from stores. Even though soda makers come with a high upfront cost, over time it will pay for itself many times over in most cases unless you are buying your soda at extremely discounted prices or if you use it very rarely.

Beware however if you are specifically looking for flavored soda. The soda mixes sold by SodaStream are very expensive and using them can lead to you losing money in a lot of cases. This is why the SodaMakerClub recommends buying other syrups or making your own to preserve savings and give you increased control over flavoring.

Here is a calculator that will allow you to calculate how much money you would save by buying a soda maker according to your usage habits.

2. Save Time, Effort and Space



Next up is time. Your time is precious and there are much better ways of spending it than lugging heavy bottles of sparkling water in your shopping cart, from the cart to your car, from your car to your house and finally into wherever you store them. Even though you probably combine your purchases of soda with your grocery shopping so as not to have to engage in an extra detour, your trips still take longer.

When buying cartridges, all you have to do is order them online and they will be shipped to your door. On top of that, if you buy in bulk, you can purchase enough to last you for several weeks. The cartridges also take up much less space than all those soda bottles even though the soda maker itself can be spacious.

If you have instead opted for the SodaStream carbonators, they might require additional trips but each one will give you enough carbonation to satisfy your sparkling water cravings for weeks. Also, one carbonator that can add fizz to up to 60L of water takes up less space than a 2L bottle of seltzer water.

Finally, if you choose to refill it manually with one of the methods detailed here, it might take a while to get your setup right but after that it will take less time and effort than going to the store while still saving you even more money.

3. Save the environment



Even though the plastic bottles or metallic cans you buy at the grocery store can generally be recycled, doing so requires an extra hassle. Also, buying them increases the demand for them and producing them is a process that harms the environment. Many of these will end up in landfills where they take hundreds of year to decompose or in the ocean where they harm wildlife. As consumers, our purchases allow us to change how companies think, even if it’s by a small margin. By switching to soda makers you can reduce substantially reduce the amount of waste you create since CO2 cartridges and SodaStream carbonators are much more compact. Therefore they produce less waste per liter of soda than the plastic bottles.

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