9 Best Alternatives to SodaStream Machines

SodaStream is the biggest company by far when it comes to manufacturing soda makers. Headquartered in Israel, the company is over 100 years old and sell hundreds of millions of dollars of product every year, with their refill system being integrated in countries all across the world. Nonetheless, they are not the only company that makes soda makers and lots of competent alternatives are available if you want to avoid their brand while still being able to enjoy delicious home made sparkling water and beverages. Here’s a list of these SodaStream substitutes (filtered to only include good soda makers) that are still available at the moment.


The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money with Soda Makers

Soda makers are simple kitchen appliances that allow you to carbonate your water. They are broadly divided in two categories, soda maker machines (as the name implies, bigger appliances that you attach bottles to) and soda siphons (bottles with a special cap that allows you to carbonate the water inside). They range in price from $15 all the way up to $250 with differences in terms of quality, effectiveness, brand and special features despite the fact that they all serve the same basic purpose.

Why You Should Avoid Cuisinart’s Discontinued Soda Maker Machines

Cuisinart has released 3 different soda maker models: 2 machines (SMS-201, SMS-216) and one siphon (CSS-100). There are sometimes letters at the end of these product codes to indicate the product color. They are all currently discontinued but can still be seen on Cuisinart’s website in the discontinued section. However, some models are still available online at very discounted prices.

Bonne O Sparkling Beverage System Review

The Bonne O is a new soda maker that is able to infuse drinks while carbonating them. It is not affiliated with SodaStream and as such has its own unique refill system. The Soda Maker Club recommends the Bonne O to the people who do not enjoy the SodaStream refill system but still want a high quality machine or those who like to make homemade, naturally flavored drinks.