Calculate Your Savings

One reason many people switch from bottled sparkling water to soda makers is due to their high price. With this calculator, you can find out exactly how many dollars you would save by buying a soda maker.

Price of Soda Maker (in $)

Number of cans/bottles consumed per week

Volume of cans/bottles (in L)

Cost per can/bottle (in $)

Refill method

After 1 year, you will save:

After 3 years, you will save:

Savings can be reduced dramatically or completely negated if you add certain flavor mixes due to their expensive nature. Conversely, savings can be increased dramatically if you use DIY refills for your soda maker since they are substantially cheaper than SodaStream carbonator exchanges and CO2 cartridges. Another thing that should be noted is that you will save money even with expensive soda makers. Therefore, we recommend buying a high quality machine that you will enjoy using since the long term savings will be higher than say if your soda maker breaks or stop using it since it is too inconvenient.