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The Soda Machine Brands

To start off, let’s talk about the biggest player in the field, SodaStream. This publicly traded company offers a wide variety of soda makers that accommodate all budgets from their basic model, the SodaStream Jet, to the expensive SodaStream penguin. SodaStream has a long history that involves being acquired by SodaClub. Nonetheless, through expansion and collaborations, it has become the biggest name in the soda maker industry.

Soda Siphon Brands

There are a myriad of brands that make soda siphons in all different shapes and forms. Some are plastic, others are European but they all share a small size and greater portability. Here is a brief overview of these soda siphon brands. Cuisinart is a big company that manufactures kitchenware. On top of their soda machine, they also offer a handheld siphon. Unfortunately, users are forced to use their proprietary soda chargers which, unlike SodaStream’s, cannot be refilled or exchanged.


Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Soda Maker

Like with any big purchase, you must do a certain amount of research before choosing a product. With the wide variety of soda makers currently available on the market, it is essential to look at many criteria to find the right one. Here are the 8 most important ones.