3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Soda Maker

First of all, buying a soda maker has the potential of saving your household hundreds of dollars a year. All the money you spend on bottles and cans of sparkling water adds up and eliminating these costs could result in substantial savings. Instead, you will simply need to pay for either the cartridges, the SodaStream carbonator exchanges or whichever manual refill method you are using.

7 Alternatives to SodaStream Flavor Mixes

Looking for a cheap alternative to the Sodastream’s flavor mixes? Kraft’s Crystal Light might be just the thing for you. It can add flavor to sparkling water through its multitude of packets that come in different flavors, allowing you to create refreshing and tasty drinks. Crystal Light is a low calorie, sugarless sweetener (5 calories per packet) meaning that you can enjoy your drinks guilt free.

4 Soda Makers you Should be Cautious of

Cuisinart is a well known brand in the kitchen appliance industry with their myriad of different devices such as mixers and toasters. They have 2 models of soda makers: one appliance and one siphon. The Cuisinart SMS-201BKC is the appliance model and it has garnered incredibly bad reviews. While the soda maker in itself seems alright especially for the price thanks to the carbonation handle and the removable drip tray, the exchange system is nonexistent.

SodaStream Bottles, Carbonators and Other Accessories You Should Buy

If you’ve bought a soda maker, you’re already enjoying having delicious sparkling water available at your fingertips. Nonetheless, there are some things you can do to make your carbonation experience even more delightful. These include buying better SodaStream bottles, buying additional SodaStream carbonators or getting some great accessories.

The Soda Machine Brands

To start off, let’s talk about the biggest player in the field, SodaStream. This publicly traded company offers a wide variety of soda makers that accommodate all budgets from their basic model, the SodaStream Jet, to the expensive SodaStream penguin. SodaStream has a long history that involves being acquired by SodaClub. Nonetheless, through expansion and collaborations, it has become the biggest name in the soda maker industry.

Soda Siphon Brands

There are a myriad of brands that make soda siphons in all different shapes and forms. Some are plastic, others are European but they all share a small size and greater portability. Here is a brief overview of these soda siphon brands. Cuisinart is a big company that manufactures kitchenware. On top of their soda machine, they also offer a handheld siphon. Unfortunately, users are forced to use their proprietary soda chargers which, unlike SodaStream’s, cannot be refilled or exchanged.