SodaSense – The Best Reusable CO2 Canisters for Sodastream

Enjoying a delicious and customized carbonated beverage from the convenience of your own home is a common luxury that many people enjoy each day. However, until recently, this luxury required a few extra steps to maintain. Some people, for instance, have experienced hidden fees and unwanted costs associated with refilling CO2 canisters.

Seltzer vs Club Soda vs Tonic Water vs Sparkling Water

All four of the waters in the title are carbonated, but they vary based on how they are made and used. You may feel like they are all different, but you might not know why. Using the tips below will help enlighten you as you make drinks at home, make drinks for friends, and use carbonated water to manage your health.

The Best Water Source for Sodastream

Most will agree that making your own sodas or even just carbonated water at home is more cost-effective than buying them a grocery or convenience store. As far as taste is concerned, when made with water that is properly filtered, homemade Coca-Cola, for example, is just as delicious and refreshing as its commercially available counterparts.

The Best Sodastream Recipes – Putting the Sizzle in Your Soda

In addition to the practical benefits, one of the most delicious advantages of having a SodaStream is the ability to make tasty recipes. Rather than limiting yourself a six-pack featuring a single flavor, you can use the machine to make an incredible range of appealing drinks.

Health Benefits and Importance of Drinking Water

Approximately 60 percent of the human body is made of water. However, we lose water every day when breathing, digesting food, eliminating waste and sweating. The amount of water people consume in fluids or food depends on various factors that include geographical location, season and physical exertion.

How to Clean a Soda Maker

Soda makers are a huge trend right now. They save money on soda purchases and they also reduce the amount of plastic waste that gets added to the environment, a win win! The sheer amount of drinks you can make with these machines is staggering – and there are tons of new recipes and ideas being released all the time. While the soda maker is fun and exciting, it also needs to be cleaned occasionally.


The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money with Soda Makers

Soda makers are simple kitchen appliances that allow you to carbonate your water. They are broadly divided in two categories, soda maker machines (as the name implies, bigger appliances that you attach bottles to) and soda siphons (bottles with a special cap that allows you to carbonate the water inside). They range in price from $15 all the way up to $250 with differences in terms of quality, effectiveness, brand and special features despite the fact that they all serve the same basic purpose.