The Hamilton Beach Fizzini Carbonated Soda Maker is a hand-held and very inexpensive soda maker that attaches to a carbonating bottle to turn ordinary water into sparkling water. This is the soda maker you buy if you want a cheap and simple way to make your own soda.


• Bottle Lock Mechanism: 1/4 turn connection
• Size: 17″H x 3.2 W” x 3.2″D.
• Refill Method: 8g CO2 Cartridges
• Construction: Plastic
• Warranty: 1 year warranty

What’s Included

The Hamilton Beach Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker comes with the soda maker, 10x8g CO2 cartridges and a reusable one liter carbonating bottle.

How To Use

  1. Insert CO2 cartridge.
  2. Adjust fizz control dial.
  3. Connect Fizzini to carbonating bottle using the 1/4 turn connection.
  4. Turn the CO2 release knob.
  5. Wait 10 seconds.
  6. Shake.
  7. Press the release button.

The Fizzini is relatively easy to use but the whole process is quite lengthy and might become tiresome after a while.


To refill the Hamilton Beach Fizzini, you can use generic 8g CO2 cartridges. These can be bought in bulk on Amazon for roughly 40 cents a cartridge. Each cartridge is good enough to carbonate one bottle.


  1. Very affordable especially when on sale.
  2. Can use Leland 8g CO2 cartridges (30 cents each)
  3. Simple to use.
  4. Small investment.


  1. Many users have reported that their soda maker has broken.
  2. Can take a while to carbonate large quantities of water.
  3. Not the best carbonation.
  4. Possibility of leakage.
  5. Low quality/made of plastic.

What Others are Saying

The good

Users praise the Fizzini’s price and portability since it is the cheapest soda maker available. On top of the price, they enjoy the fact that it replaces traditional heavy and expensive soda bottles.

The bad

Many people have complained about their model breaking after a couple of uses, the soda machine making a mess but mostly the fact that you need to replace the CO2 cartridge after each use. Other consumers have complained about rust developing in the carbonating bottle, the Fizzini not adding enough carbonation and the overall quality of the soda maker. Also, one buyer reported that you must immediately pour the water since it will go flat due to a lack of seal.