The iSi Soda Siphon is a great little device for making anything from homemade soda, Italian sodas, juice or wine spritzers to plain carbonated water. The simple and elegant design of the canister is available in durable stainless steel for the 0.75-liter size or in brushed aluminum for the one-liter size. The sleek style and small footprint of the unit makes for a great as an addition to a bar or merely placed on a kitchen countertop. The inside of the canister has a ceramic lining, which prevents the carbonated water from having an unpleasant metal taste. The units are 13 inches in height and weighs one pound. The overall size of the iSi is approximately the same as that of a typical one-liter soda bottle.


• Bottle Lock Mechanism: Twist-on
• Size: 13″ Height x 4.1″ Diameter
• Refill Method: Generic 8g CO2 Cartridges
• Construction: Stainless Steel or Brushed Aluminum
• Warranty: 2 year warranty

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What’s Included

Each package comes with the canister, a measuring tube and a twist-on siphon head complete with a pressure safety valve. The soda maker uses miniature 8 gram CO2 cartridges, which are sold separately. Refill cartridges are available from iSI. However, the device is compatible with any brand of miniature cartridge. Buying them in bulk decreases the price. Each cartridge carbonates approximately four 8-ounce glasses.

How to Use

Using the device is quite simple. The iSi provides users with satisfactory sparkling water when the water is chilled before filling the siphon. It is also recommended to enhance the carbonation process by chilling the canister before filling.

Unscrew the siphon head and insert the measuring tube. Fill the unit with cold water. Replace the siphon head. Insert a CO2 cartridge into the cartridge holder and screw them onto the siphon head. At this point, the gas automatically enters the water. Shake the canister at least 20 times to ensure that the CO2 adequately disperses throughout and dissolves in the water. You then depress the handle to add carbonation to your favorite beverage. Or, pour the carbonated water into a glass and add the recommended amount of your favorite soda flavoring.


To refill this iSi Soda Siphon, you can use generic 8g CO2 cartridges. These can be bought in bulk on Amazon for roughly 40 cents a cartridge. Each cartridge is good enough to carbonate one bottle.

Our Review

The compact size of the lightweight iSi Soda Siphon makes it easy to take the device anywhere. Pack it in an ice chest and enjoy sparkling drinks on picnics or in the yard during BBQs. The sturdy construction ensures that owners will have years of reliable service. You also save money by making your own beverages. Environmentally-conscious folks enjoy the fact that they are doing their part to save the planet by not adding to the accumulation of unnecessary trash.

Unlike many other soda maker machines, the iSi is manufactured in Austria, which means consumers get a better quality product. In fact, iSi provides a 2-year warranty on the device. The company also sells replacement parts when needed.

Overall, the iSi soda siphon is quite impressive as a soda siphon and is definitely one of the best ones available on the market. Its price is slightly on the high side but it often dips to the mid 50s which makes it quite affordable. It is solidly built out of metal and almost all users report that theirs functioned well and achieved good levels of carbonation. Thus, most people were satisfied with the iSi soda siphon. The only issues were rare and related to taste or leaking. Nonetheless, the soda siphon comes with a ceramic lining inside to preserve flavor. To sum it all up, this relatively affordable soda siphon fares quite well when compared to other similar products. Its metal construction means it’s very strongly built and it’ll be a long time before you have to buy another one.  Also, the initial cost is compensated by its ability to use generic 8g CO2 cartridges which are much cheaper in the long run than most name brand ones (roughly $0.4/L compared to up to $1/L). The soda siphon also achieves good levels of carbonation, especially when used correctly. However, this process is quite lengthy especially when compared to soda machines.

What Others are Saying

The good

Users enjoy the quality, the fact that you can use any type of 8g CO2 cartridges, it’s provenance from Austria, the level of carbonation when used correctly and the ease of use.

The bad

Users complained about how you need to use a specific method to obtain optimal carbonation (Use cold water, shake 20 times, wait before using). Some people mentioned that the water was taking on the flavor of plastic. The soda siphons of some users didn’t work and others were leaky. Also, some consumers reported that theirs broke or only produced flat water.

6 Thoughts on “iSi Soda Siphon Review”

  • The creativity behind this device is commendable. Sadly, however, the performance of the ISI device is questionable and still wanting since the plastic charger holder cannot make a gas-tight seal.

    It’s a struggle to tighten the seal before you finally get to insert the cartridge. If the leak is not efficient, then water will leak. At times, shooting out damages the sides, which eventually forces the water out.

    This can be irritating because it is hard to notice it until all the content is emptied all over your fridge. But a metal cartridge holder is far much better, but perhaps that is the main difference between a product that is made for the typical consumer and one that is made for professionals.

  • This is the third time I am purchasing the iSi seltzer bottle. I keep several bottles of water, which I fill and then chill them, or I keep them charged and drink them once they are ready. They do an exceptional job of preparing sparkling water, as long as you use frigid water, stored in the fridge for between 2 and 3 hours before adding CO2.

    However, this is the first time I have bought a model that comes with a key for removing the tube to make it easy to clean the interior of the bottle. This is definitely a significant improvement. Sadly, the unit does not come with a metal screen on the nozzle.

    The metallic screen is designed to break the stream of charged water into several parallel and narrow streams to increase the sparkling effect. If this is the change they have been working on, then it is the beginning of the downfall for the product.

    Another notable thing about the package is the instructive illustration on the box, and it shows you how to use the bottle. However, the steps are incorrect. If you follow the instructions, it won’t work. It is probably a mere typo.

    However, the manufacturer’s ignorance on this simple detail makes me believe that the omission of a nozzle filter and measuring tube keys for the first few bottles I bought are perhaps not product changes. But it could also be carelessness during manufacturing. So, what else are they ignorant about?

    That is the reason I removed two stars from what I would have rated this product. And when I am ready to purchase in the future, ill consider getting the priciest brands. Maybe they pay close attention to detail.

    If my sentiments about this product are wrong, I would appreciate any response here. If you guys can convince me that I am wrong, then I will be more than glad to apologize.

  • I placed an order for Isi Soda maker six months ago, and I can gladly say this charger has been of excellent service at my house since the day it arrived. One of the reasons I decided to purchase it was to help reduce my love for drinking soda. It worked magic. A take seltzer with lemon or juice, or even plain. One of my secrets is that I do not fill the water too high because it can result in a dry-ice show in the kitchen.

    In addition to that, the product is durable. One simple tip I can share is that it keeps the glass bottle in your fridge filled to the water levels. You can mark them if you so wish. So, when the Isi tank gets empty, I immediately fill it with fridge water and make more seltzer for my family and friends.

    Before this, I owned a SodaStream, it is not a bad device, but I prefer Isi a lot because you still get fizziness from the carbonated water, at the bottom of the bottle, which does not happen with SodaStream. Even though I was hesitant at first, I am glad that I made the best decision of my life, and got the ISI soda water maker.

  • I am in love with iSi Soda. I am a regular drinker of plain soda water, and I was not too fond of the idea of going to the store to purchase piles of 12 packs. Isi Soda has wholly made a considerable difference in my life.

    So, if you want to achieve the best fizz, I am going to paste instructions that A. Abdine provides in their review. If you follow these directions to the letter, you will achieve the best fix possible.

    • Use cold water- Well, everyone does suggest this, but on a serious note, this makes a huge difference, and note I do not mean cool water at all. The water must be icy cold.
    • Secondly, the trick that many people seem not to mention here is that you must pour the cold water into a chilled siphone. Before use, place the empty siphone in the fridge to allow it to cool and chill. Then, every new drink will remain cold because you will be storing the siphone in your freezer before you refresh it.
    • After pouring the CO2 cartridge (single) into the water, shake the container for about twenty minutes before you put it into the freezer. A. Abdine recommends that you shake it five times, but the more times you do it, the better.

    Store the water in the freezer for about two to three hours before you dispense it for the first time.

  • Have had my iSi for several months. I followed the instructions (including shaking 20 times) and works like a charm. I made cucumber water (sliced a whole cucumber) and left it in another container overnight. Poured into the iSi, charged it, shook 20 times, tastes great! I’ll try watermelon water next. All in all, super happy with no complaints. I bought a 2nd one for my home made sangria…this bottle, as noted, may take on the taste of sangria but that’s why I have a 2nd bottle. Will review later.

  • I’ve just received mine, as above. I used it today for the first time, water is flat.. & I’d already added it to my wine. ? Can see multi buy co2 cheaper. Not made a saving as yet. Less space taken up on the shelf, I.e. no bottles of soda water.

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