The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is the highest quality soda maker available on the market and, despite being manufactured by KitchenAid, it still uses the SodaStream refill system. The Soda Maker Club Recommends it to those who want a very high quality machine that won’t fail them and that is still, at the same time, easy and efficient to use.


• Bottle Lock Mechanism: Snap-lock
• Size: 13.7″H x 12.6″D x 21.4″L
• Refill Method: 60L SodaStream Carbonators
• Construction: Metal
• Warranty: 2 years

What’s Included

• 60L SodaStream Carbonator
• 3 AAA batteries
• 1L BPA free reusable bottle
• 3-flavor starter pack

How To Use

The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is very easy to use and efficient thanks to the snap-lock mechanism and the carbonation lever.

  1. Fill the carbonating bottle with water.
  2. Attach it to the soda maker with the snap-lock mechanism.
  3. Pulse the carbonation lever until the desired level is attained.
  4. Remove the bottle and pour.


The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker uses 60L SodaStream carbonators that, as their name implies, allow for carbonation of roughly 60L of water (most users do however report around the 50L range). Empty carbonators can be exchanged for full ones at various retailers such as select Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Target, etc. To find a retailer close to you.. Every exchange costs $14.99 but there are cheaper, DIY options.

Our Review

This KitchenAid SodaStream machine is a truly uniquely premium soda making machine that we highly recommend to those who are willing to pay its above average price. In fact, in the world of soda makers, products range from $15 to roughly $274, with this machine obviously being at the top of the spectrum. Now that the >$300 Keurig Kold has been discontinued, the only comparable soda machine in terms of price is the SodaStream Penguin (it’s hard to compare the two machines in terms of other characteristics as the latter is shaped as a penguin).

So now that we’ve established that the KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is more expensive than other soda machines, the question remains: is it worth the price? Its premium characteristics definitely make a strong argument in favor of its purchase. The KitchenAid SodaStream machine is undoubtedly the most sturdy  soda maker out there. Made out of metal, it is also manufactured in the United States and, weighing it at nearly 20 pounds, is a testament to good, durable and powerful American manufacturing. The quality of this machine is confirmed by the amazing reviews it has gotten from users with almost none of them having any issues with the machine while all of them appreciating its quality. Hence, if you buy this soda maker, it’s likely to be the last one you’ll ever need, justifying the high initial investment.

And that’s not all, this KitchenAid SodaStream machine is among the easiest to use. In fact, it uses a snap-lock mechanism, meaning you just need to push the bottle into place and not twist it on as is the case for certain products. It also uses a unique lever to carbonate the water while most other soda makers have buttons that need to be pressed multiple times. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s slightly more satisfying to use which can add up after hundreds of uses. It also boasts a carbonation meter which can help you get the perfect level of carbonation for you each time. The KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker really differentiates itself through its incredible quality and design. It is by far the sturdiest of any soda maker machines offered by any company (most of the others being made out of plastic while this Kitchenaid machine has a premium die cast metal housing). On top of that, it is manufactured in the United States unlike most other SodaStream models. It’s clear, with all these characteristics, that the KitchenAid SodaStream machine will last you a long time as proven by the great customer reviews the machine has gotten and the few issues users have encountered. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s easy to use thanks to the snap-lock mechanism and the carbonation lever, carbonates water quickly and looks great in modern kitchens.

However, it is more expensive than almost all other soda makers, with only the now discontinued Keurig Kold being more expensive. At upwards of $200, you must really be ready to make an investment in this machine since there are plenty of other machines that will do the same job almost as well, at a fraction of the price (for example, the SodaStream Genesis has also gotten good reviews at only $90).

Nonetheless, when not considering price, the KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker is, in our opinion, the best overall soda maker machine on the market right now. No other soda makers come close to its durability and it’s easily on par with the best soda makers in term of ease of use and appearance. Thus, if you’re ready to pay the high upfront cost, this soda maker will pay for itself many times over the course of its lifetime. Just be sure it can fit on your counter!

What Others are Saying

The KitchenAid SodaStream machine has gotten rave reviews from users that loved its durable feel, ease of use and its design. Even though some people cautioned that the machine is very big and could be loud while also encountering issues with chilled water, the vast majority of consumers really enjoyed their machine and found that it got the job done nearly perfectly.