Carbon dioxide is the gas used by drink makers to create carbonated soft drinks. Simply put, without carbon dioxide, carbonated drinks would be flat because they would have no fizz. Sparkel, however, is a carbonation beverage system that injects carbon dioxide directly into any liquid. With as little effort as it takes to slip a bottle beneath a spigot, anyone can infuse deliciously flavored waters and non-carbonated drinks with bubbles. The result is that home users can easily add a bubbly bite to water and juice. Moreover, the infusing system adds no extra calories and requires no special expertise to create a wide array of carbonated drinks.

Why Sparkel?

Many people love the taste of sparkling water, but they do not like the associated cost. Additionally, many families have children who might love sparkling juice as a healthier alternative to soda. Finally, sparkling water offers people wanting to lose weight a healthy alternative to calorie-laden drinks, and home users no longer have to worry about chemicals or artificial sweeteners in their drinks.

For these people, Sparkel offers a convenient ability to add carbon dioxide to any drink, freeing them from having to pay extra for the simple pleasure of enjoying a carbonated beverage. Additionally, it provides the entire family access to a wider variety of soft drinks than is typically available at local grocery stores.

How it works: three easy steps

1. Familiarize yourself with your new appliance

The Sparkel system is approximately the size of a personal-use coffee maker, so it fits easily on any counter top without making your kitchen feel cramped. Additionally, it is an attractive appliance with black and silver accents offset by a glistening white platform. The user interface consists of five intuitive control buttons and a spigot handle.

2. Set your carbonation level

The control panel allows you to select the level of carbonation that you prefer. This is one of the key features of the Sparkel carbonation system in that it allows different family members to customize their soft drinks according to their tastes. Specifically, users can choose from among the following levels of carbonation.

  • light
  • bubbly
  • bold
  • serious bubbles
  • extra bold for infused drinks

The important thing to note here is that Sparkel offers five different carbonation settings. The light setting allows for a hint of bubbles. However, when you add fruit to water carbonated at the extra-bold setting, the extra bubbles infuse the drink with the flavor and help carry the aroma to your nose. Consequently, your new drink creation tickles the olfactory senses as much as it does your taste buds.

3. Insert the drink container

To make your favorite carbonated drink, all you have to do is insert the accompanying glass container onto the spigot platform. With the glass container in place, lower the the spigot handle. Doing so will compress the carbon-dioxide nozzle into the glass container and begin the carbonation process.

Once it is complete, all you need to do is simply lift the handle, remove the container, and pour. You will be delighted–and slightly amazed–at just how carbonated the drinks are and how light and refreshing the flavor is.

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Variety of recipes

Of course, you can enjoy carbonated water by adding water straight from the tap or poured from a bottle. In either instance, all you need to do is add a slice of lemon for a delicious lemon spritzer.

That said, plain water often has a variety of minerals in it. Because carbonation often enhances the flavors of these minerals, plain water will take on the taste of bubbly mineral water, something manufacturers sell at a premium price.

Many people, however, enjoy the different flavors that you can add to your Sparkel creations. To add flavors, all you have to do is consult the Sparkel idea center for a variety of resort-style recipes. For instance, you can quarter fresh strawberries and include them in your water. For the best effect, you can squeeze just a hint of strawberry juice right from a berry. The carbonation will instantly diffuse this juice throughout the water, emboldening it with flavor. Finally, a touch of kiwi can balance the drink with a hint of tartness.

Other recipes include the following:

  • fresh cucumber: light, airy, and works well with light or bold bubbles
  • mint: fresh and bold that carries a calming aroma
  • tea with a hint of peach and ginger: one of the most popular drinks that goes well
    with light or bold bubbles


Of course, Sparkel works wonders on soft drinks, but it can also provide an extra kick to cocktails for Friday or Saturday nights of relaxation. For instance, you can sip lemon and vodka and mix it better than your local bartender. Additionally, for Sunday brunches, you can enjoy a mimosa in the traditional orange flavor, or you can mix it up by using grapefruit.

Finally, Sparkel helps you become a master drink maker by providing recipes for juices, spritzers, and teas.


The Sparkel system comes with a beverage glass, but you can order additional ones to keep in the refrigerator. Of course, it is recommended that you stock up on additional carbonation packets for that last-minute spritzer that you can share with friends or company.


Any drink-making appliance at a store or restaurant requires a lot of serious maintenance. Filters, for instance, need to be removed, and the rubber seals need to be removed, washed, and dried. The Sparkel system, however, is as easy to clean as any coffee maker. For instance, all you have to do is wipe the outside with a rag to keep it clean. You can also run hot water through it to keep the nozzle clean. In terms of the drink platform, all you have to do is lift the grid and wipe the basin with warm water. Maintenance is so easy that you barely notice moving it on the counter.


It would be a strange thing if you could only order the Sparkel in black. After all, a drink maker that makes so many bubbly drinks looks equally amazing in the following available colors.

  • white
  • black
  • silver
  • pink
  • seafoam
  • metallic blue
  • metallic red

Money-saving subscription

Modern life can be busy. To help people with hectic schedules, Sparkel offers a convenient subscription service that ensures you never run out of carbonation packs. Subscriptions deliver additional carbonation packs to your door every month, or you can opt for deliveries every two or three months. This subscription service helps automate your drink-making, allowing you to relax or lose weight by using an extremely low-calorie drink and never having to worry about running out.


6 Thoughts on “Review: Sparkel Beverage System”

  • Our first Sparkel machine stopped working after 2-3 uses. The company asked us to video our use. After viewing the video, they said there was an electrical failure. They sent a pre-paid return shipping label. Within 7 days, we had our new Sparkel. Have been using it for three months every day. We love the sparkling water with or without fruit, mint or cucumber. We also love NOT having to carry home bottles of seltzer!

  • It worked great at first, but it didn’t last long. My wife loves bubbly water as do I, but I bought the machine for her. She used it a couple of times a day for the last two weeks and now it has stopped working. It looks like this is a common issue for this company, which is a huge disappointment because it’s an awesome idea. The machine must just be made with some cheap internal parts that aren’t able to handle the engineering. Save your money. I know CO2 sucks, but SodaStream technology has been around a long time. It’s only worth the purchase when you can trust your product to work. I’m disappointed and bummed because it’s a cool product. Get your act together Spärkle! Bring us something reliable and we’ll buy it!

  • So happy with this new product. I love my sparkly water, but I also like to jazz them up with flavors since I don’t like to drink soda. I bought the previous generation of this machine because I liked the idea of adding natural flavors like mint and fruit to my water as I made it. While I liked the machine and the water it created, it was too big and a little clunky. Plus, I didn’t like to leave it on the counter.

    This new model is a huge improvement! The new design is sleek and space-saving, and it looks good on the counter, so I leave it there. It is easy to use, and I LOVE the multiple bubble settings. I usually like light carbonation, but on a hot day, I love super-fizzy and cold water over ice, which reminds me of soda.

    Generally, I add mixed citrus and mint to my drinks right in the bottle and keep them in the fridge. So, I always have a few extra bottles around.

    I have used a SodaStream machine for years, but I am now converting to this machine. The tablets are so much easier to use, but I can’t find a place to refill my SodaStream canisters now that my local Williams-Sonoma no longer takes them. And, they tend to run out fast when you use the extra bubbles. I can order these tablets easily on Amazon, and they store well. Plus, there is no big deposit on a canister.

    Also, my kids love making their own flavor concoctions and then carbonating them.

    And, the fact that I can carbonate almost anything already mixed makes my life so much easier. No more diluted cranberry vodkas. And, over the holidays, I’ll test the machine to see if I can carbonate flat sparkling wine 🙂

  • This is an excellent product! It produces strong carbonation in one minute or so.
    Very easy to use, all you have to do is pour the carbonation sachets in the CO2 chamber, lock the bottle into place, and select the carbonation level you want.
    The bottle is nice looking and easy to clean.
    A tip for the first use: push down on the bottle firmly, otherwise the bottle will not get a good seal.
    Plus, there are no more CO2 tanks to swap!

  • OMG, I bought myself a Christmas present because I wanted a more economical and green solution for my sparkling water. This is the only thing I drink, and I spend anywhere from $1 – $1.79 a bottle, not to mention all that plastic waste! Well, I am very impressed with “My Sparkle”. There are no CO2 cartridges required, and I add my own filtered water and organic fruit! It is pretty amazing!! Not only will I save money and reduce my carbon footprint, but I have the best tasting water around with no preservatives or chemicals! We have a winner!!!

  • I only used this machine between one and three times a week for the past 35 days or so, but it only worked great for about two weeks and only one or two times each week. In the past two weeks, we have been using it only once every day to every other day for just one bottle. After failing initially, it would work on the second try and second packet of the powder. Now, the machine doesn’t even attempt to carbonate, but makes these noises while sitting there and doing absolutely nothing. I am returning this machine and attempting one final time with a new one. I absolutely loved the machine for the first 30 days or so, but in the past five days, 90% of the time it does not work.

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