The SodaPlus Soda Siphon is a large stainless steel siphon that, on top of having premium construction, benefits from being dishwasher safe and being able to use generic CO2 cartridges.


• Bottle Lock Mechanism: Screw-on
• Size: 6.5″ x 4″ x 13″H inches.
• Refill Method: Generic 8g CO2 Cartridges
• Construction: Stainless Steel
• Warranty: None Mentioned

What’s Included

The SodaPlus Soda Carbonating Starter Kit comes with the soda siphon and 10 CO2 cartridges.

How To Use

  1. Insert the measuring tube and fill the bottle with water.
  2. Screw on the head firmly.
  3. Put a CO2 cartridge in a holder and twist the holder onto the head.
  4. Shake 5 to 10 times and then let it rest for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Press the button to release excess gas.
  6. Remove the head and pour.

The SodaPlus is easy to use but takes a long time to achieve optimal carbonation.


To refill the SodaPlus, you can use generic 8g CO2 cartridges. These can be bought in bulk on Amazon for roughly 40 cents a cartridge. Each cartridge is good enough to carbonate one bottle.

Our Review


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Good build quality (stainless steel).
  3. Dishwasher safe.
  4. Bigger capacity.
  5. Can carbonate any drink.
  6. Can use generic 8g CO2 cartridges.


  1. Seal has broken for some people.
  2. Water becomes flat after a while.

What Others are Saying

The good

Users enjoy the SodaPlus’ simplicity, ease of use, design, its quality and its ability to carbonate almost anything. Also, consumers appreciated the fact that it was dishwasher safe and that it could use generic 8g CO2 cartridges.

The bad

Users complained about the sparkling water becoming flat rather quickly, the head slightly breaking when over-tightened and some people reported that the seal broke off after a while.

3 Thoughts on “Soda Plus Soda Carbonating Kit Review”

  • Please do not purchase this product. As other users have said here, the seal is a significant disappointment since they tend to fail all the time, which makes someone even more frustrated in the process.

    You will have to spend a lot more on the cartridges because sometimes it requires that many get things right. I have tried different troubleshooting methods, but I have concluded that this product is not worth it. So, save your money and look for something reliable.

  • One of the most straightforward items to use. The soda water can produce a lot of bubbly water if done correctly, the same way as bough bottles. I consume plenty of soda water, and I feel the amount of bubbles and fizz is strong enough.

    I know there are thousands of people who have already reviewed this item, but I recommend using icy cold water and placing the SodaPlus in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. You can also store the empty bottle in a fridge.

    In fact, I had a couple of empty bottles, I filled them with water and stored them in my refrigerator for several hours, did a couple of shakes, and I was good to go. The whole process won’t take you a minute to complete.

    The only problem I had with SodaPlus is that the fizz vanishes quite faster, in less than 24 hours. It still went down despite placing the bottle in my fridge. I have given it five stars because this product has a lot of positive features than negatives, so this is not a significant problem, especially given that I finish the whole drink within a few hours of preparing it.

  • If I compare SodaPlus to both SodaStream and iSi, I could describe it as an average product. I understand that different systems have their own merits and demerits. But the SodaPlus is quite unique, here are the benefits and setbacks I discovered while using the device:

    • The metal construction is sturdy and durable
    • It can carbonate a lot of drinks
    • Gets a lot of carbonation

    • It is conspicuous
    • Challenging to carbonate after the first serving

    The primary difference between SodaPlus and iSi is that the latter lets you make a serving without necessarily having to open the container to release all the pressure. You only need to squeeze the lever to force out the carbonated water from the spigot.

    Water discharges out of the glass violently, which makes it lose a considerable amount of its carbonation. However, the result from the container remains constant down to the last liquid.

    Because you have to completely open the top part of the SodaPlus to pour out the water, a lot of carbonation is lost every time the unit is opened up. As such, subsequent glasses of water are weak because the amount of carbonation reduces drastically with each open.

    On the other hand, the iSi comes with an impeccable cap that allows you to replace it with a charger stem. Hence it can easily fit in the fridge.

    SodaPlus borrows a lot of its features from SodaStream. The only setback with SodaPlus is that you must use a new charger cartridge for every bottle you prepare. But the advantage is that the unit does not demand any extra cupboard space or counter to accommodate a contraption.

    In addition, SodaStream charges quite a lot for its glass container as compared to SodaPlus, and does not sell a metal version of the unit. Furthermore, the carbon is a bit pricier and a big hustle to find with SodaStream. Better still, it is worth considering.

    I have used SodaPlus a couple of times, and so, I have experience with the unit, and I can confirm that the storage lid does not accommodate a lot of pressure. The package features two caps. There is a smaller lid that does not have CO2 inside and another one that accommodates the CO2 cartridge.

    The smaller lid makes it easy for the unit to fit in the fridge as it allows more accessible storage. For my unit, each cap has its own type of seal. However, the carbonator features a heavy tight-fit orange seal, while the storage lid has a small black seal.

    Well, the small one cannot hold pressure, eventually making the drink flat. Even though I can swap the seals, its quite a hustle, plus it will only strain the good one.

    However, I discovered one thing, you can get the best carbonation by introducing the drink under pressure for at least three hours before you open it up. This is what I usually do once I empty it and get my bottle ready for the next day.

    After all is said and done, I still prefer using the iSi. Even though it may not produce as much fizzy drink as its counterparts, it makes sure the fizz remains consistent.

    As for SodaPlus soda maker, it loses a lot of fizz from one glass to another. SodaPlus will only come in handy if you wish to carbonate things other than water.

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