Enjoying a delicious and customized carbonated beverage from the convenience of your own home is a common luxury that many people enjoy each day. However, until recently, this luxury required a few extra steps to maintain. Some people, for instance, have experienced hidden fees and unwanted costs associated with refilling CO2 canisters.

Fortunately, SodaSense, the first company to offer CO2 refills via a convenient canister-exchange program, allows the lovers of carbonation to enjoy their carbonated drinks hassle-free. This program operates via the Unites States Postal Service (USPS), ensuring reliability and ease of use.

Exchanging the Old Way

If you do not opt for the SodaSense canister exchange program, getting your CO2 canister refilled requires a few extra steps. For instance, some refill programs require you to print a shipping label prior to driving to the store where you will drop off your cylinders. Such a program increases costs in gasoline and wear and tear on your vehicle.

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Additionally, some exchange programs include extra fees. For example, If you own a SodaStream CO2 canister and do not return your cylinders within 60 days from the order date, you will be subject to an extra charge–per cylinder. You will also be required to pay shipping costs for smaller purchases. Finally, the program does not apply to 130-liter cylinders. Consequently, you will have to exchange larger cylinders in a store.

Doing it Yourself

Refilling your canisters at home is an option. However, refilling a CO2 canister requires you to store a high-pressure tank filled with CO2 in your residence. In addition to the cost, storing a CO2 tank in your home can pose a serious safety issue.
For instance, CO2 canisters are pressurized. If a malfunction occurs, the tank might explode, and such an event can cause serious injury or result in death. Additionally, CO2 is an odorless and colorless gas that is poisonous. If inhaled in too high levels, it can cause serious health issues or death. Therefore, it is important to understand that even a small leak in a CO2 tank can put you and your loved ones at risk.

However, if you do opt to do it yourself, you will need to purchase special equipment, such as a hose, an adapter, and a pressure gauge. These pieces of equipment can be costly. You will also need to assemble your CO2 refill station correctly to ensure you do not inadvertently cause a serious injury or health issue. It is also recommended that you invest in some protective gear, which should include gloves and protective eyewear to help decrease the likelihood of an injury.

SodaSense – Exchange Program that Makes Sense

Fortunately, SodaSense offers a canister exchange program that ensures you do not need to deal with extra costs or the inconvenience of driving back and forth to a station. More important, you do not need to put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation to continue enjoying your carbonated beverages.

Soda Sense 60L

How It Works

The exchange program from SodaSense allows you to exchange your canisters from the comfort and convenience of your own home. The only thing you need to decide is how many carbonators you will need. Although SodaSense recommends you own three canisters to ensure you always have a full one in your home while the other two are being exchanged, you are given the option to start with one canister.

Once you have decided on the number of canisters you want to start with, you can simply place your order. Upon the arrival of your first order, you will receive an exchange box that can accommodate up to two 60-liter CO2 canisters. Next, all you need to do is save the box, the prepaid USPS shipping label, and the plastic canister caps. These items are required for your future exchange. When you are ready to exchange your empty canisters, you can simply place them in the exchange box, affix the return USPS label to the box, and place the package in your mailbox. SodaSense will then send you new CO2 canisters for your carbonated beverage enjoyment.


In addition to providing you the obvious convenience of simply mailing your empty canisters, the CO2 canister exchange program by SodaSense offers a variety of additional benefits that can save you both money and time.

  • One flat fee – Unlike many other exchange programs, there are no membership or subscription fees. Also, there are never any late fees, and you do not ever pay shipping costs. In fact, shipping costs are covered whether the canisters are being shipped to you or whether you are shipping them to SodaSense. Additionally, there is no required minimum order to enjoy the benefit of free shipping.
  • Accepts all canisters – Fortunately, this service is not just for SodaSense canisters. In fact, you can use any 60-liter canister. This level of standardization helps save you money if you already own CO2 canisters.
  • Seamless and fast – once you mail your canisters, you will be surprised at just how quickly you will receive your newly filled canisters. For instance, as soon as the postal service scans your exchange box, SodaSense is notified and immediately fills your order. Once your exchange order is processed, you simply pay the refill charge, and your order is shipped. This seamless process ensures you receive your canisters in a timely manner.
  • On your schedule – Filling your canisters via SodaSense is an on-demand service, which allows you to send in your canisters based on your specific needs. Consequently, you do not need to worry about late fees, penalties, or costly hidden fees.
  • Hassle-free – Checking out is super convenient because once you place your initial order, all of your information is saved, including your payment method. This convenience ensures all you need to do for future exchanges is put your canisters in the box and put the box in the mail. Additionally, every exchange comes with a prepaid return label, so you never have to worry about printing a label.

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