The SodaSparkle is a small and simple plastic soda maker that is very easy to use.


• Bottle Lock Mechanism: Twist-on
• Size: 10″ x 2″ x 8″
• Refill Method: Soda Sparkle CO2 Cartridges
• Construction: Plastic
• Warranty: 1 year warranty

What’s Included

The deluxe SodaSparkle starter kit comes with the actual soda maker, an extra smaller 1L bottle, 5 soda chargers and 15 assorted flavor sticks.

How To Use

• Fill the bottle with water.
• Put a CO2 cartridge in the SodaSparkle head
• Screw the SodaSparkle head on to the soda siphon
• Wait a bit and remove the SodaSparkle head, remove the cartridge and pour.

The SodaSparkle original is extremely easy to use and quite fast for a soda siphon.


The SodaSparkle Original needs to use SodaSparkle CO2 cartridges (roughly 63 cents each in bulk on Amazon) unless you add a DIY mod and insert a spacer.

Our Review


  1. Relatively affordable when compared to other soda siphons.
  2. Very easy to use.
  3. Good taste.
  4. Quick when compared to other soda siphons.
  5. Comes with an extra bottle, soda chargers and flavors.


  1. Some issues were reported.
  2. Not the best quality (plastic).
  3. Needs to use SodaSparkle’s soda chargers which are more expensive (63 cents each).
  4. Level of carbonation isn’t always ideal in the bigger bottle.

What Others are Saying

The good

Users enjoy the SodaSparkle’s simplicity, the fact that it is compact and the flavor of the carbonated water.

The bad

One user’s SodaSparkle broke after a few uses and there is a general discontent about the fact that it will only accept SodaSparkle CO2 cartridges which are more expensive than generic ones. Also, the flavors included were unappealing.

3 Thoughts on “SodaSparkle Original Review”

  • I got a bad unit. The leaks on the black pressurizing valve were unbearable, and it would not hold pressure once I pierced the CO2 cartridge. Well, I tried to send the item back to Amazon, but they told me the defective item was non-returnable due to flammable or dangerous gases, which are basically the CO2 cartridges. So, I have a faulty unit in my home, although I got one that works efficiently.

  • All in all, this is an incredible product, and I prefer it to my typical squirt seltzer bottle. But the 8-gram SodaSparkle cartridges and chargers are twice as long as the normal Leland chargers, which do not work in this product without adding a piece of paper or tissue in between the charger holder of the device and the charger itself. This is utterly underhanded and frustrating.

    Also note from the photo that I have included, for safety purposes only, the PET plastic that has an expiration date that indicates it expired four years ago. So, the stock seems to be old. While I am not worried about it, it is something worth considering.

  • When I initially purchased my soda maker, I was stoked. I was super excited to have bubbly water readily at my disposal without the need to go to the store whenever I have a craving. One thing I like about this product is that it is easy to use and you can store it right in the kitchen’s drawer.

    Based on various suggestions on Amazon, I bought the Mr. Fizz CO2 charger, but it did not work at all. I did not find the CO2 charger at a lower price. The cartridges were actually very easy to use since I only need to insert a piece of paper on the rear part of the cartridge. To be precise, they sell an affordable soda making system. So, strive to earn your profits by selling pricier cartridges.

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