This is one of the most popular soda makers on the market due to its convenience and affordability. If you are someone who is shopping for their very first soda machine, or just someone who values simplicity, this may be the product for you. The machine is very straightforward and can be assembled easily. This is one of the cheapest soda makers currently on the market.


• Bottle Lock Mechanism: Twist-on
• Size: 5.6″W x 16.9″H x 8.6″D
• Refill Method: SodaStream Carbonators (60L or 130L)
• Construction: Plastic
• Warranty: 2 year warranty

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What’s Included

When buying the SodaStream Fountain Jet Starter Kit, you get the machine, a 60L carbonator, and one carbonating bottle. The bottle is made from BPA-free plastic and holds 1-liter. You do not need batteries or electricity to use this machine. The carbonating bottle is reusable and can keep drinks fizzy for up to three years with the hermetically sealed caps.

How To Use

The SodaStream Jet is easy to use thanks to its simplicity. You do however have to bear with the twist-on mechanism that is more cumbersome than the snap-lock one.

  1. Fill the carbonating bottle (cold water achieves the best carbonation).
  2. Push back on the head of the Jet and attach the carbonating bottle to the soda maker by twisting it on.
  3. Press the carbonation button 3 short times (3 is the standard amount but you can do it more or less depending on your preferences).
  4. Push back on the head again and remove the bottle by untwisting it.


When it comes time to buy a refill for your SodaStream, know that they come in both 60L and 130L sizes. In theory, the sizes will give you that many liters of use. Many people report that they actually only get 50L or 120L, however. You can take your empty bottle to stores such as Target, Costco, and Bed, Bath & Beyond to get your refill. A 60L refill will cost you about $14.99 and a 130L refill will cost you about $29.99.

How often you need to change out your carbonator will obviously depend on how often you use it. According to SodaStream, a family of 4 soda drinkers may need to replace theirs every 6-8 weeks. Every exchange costs $14.99 (60L) or $29.99 (130L) but there are cheaper, DIY options.

Our Review

The SodaStream Jet differentiates itself from the other soda makers on the market mostly by its simplicity and ease of assembly. It is a very straightforward machine that gets the job done without too much fuss. It also one of the cheapest appliances available.

If you are someone who drinks a lot of soda or other carbonated drinks, you may worry about your impact on the environment, even if you recycle. Making your own drinks in a reusable bottle can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

The main reason people buy this soda maker over the others is its cost. This machine gets the job done but lacks the bells and whistles that tend to drive up the price tag.

Another advantage of this soda maker is that all of the SodaStream products are kosher certified. In fact, their seltzer is considered kosher for Passover.

What Others are Saying

Overall, this product receives positive reviews. The most common complaint about it involves the bottom breaking due to a cheap plastic being used in its construction. Some find the button more difficult to use than one of the other models from SodaStream, the Genesis. The only other minor complaint that comes up is the appearance of this machine, which is less sleek than some of its competitors. That being said, people love the wide variety of flavors and the simplicity of operating the SodaStream Fountain Jet.

5 Thoughts on “SodaStream Fountain Jet Review”

  • I just bought mines today (August 01,2022), & I hear that it’s better than buying than buying those soda ppopsfor $20.00, & $ 30.00. This is a late bday gift tomyself. I don’t buy myself hardly anything, so this year i thought that I would buy this. I keep seeing this advertise on t.v. 20 to 30 times within the course of a week or 30 to 40 times within a month. So I ended up getting the grey verson of this which had the starter pack in it. So now i’m gonna go get the sodapop to go into. To me, it’ll save me a few bucks & that way I can put it towards something else. Besides, I’d share with the family members. I mean who wouldn’t right?

  • I wish I had bought the Fizzi which sells for the same price as the Jet. I wish I had known the Jet won’t work with the 60L SodaStream canisters. The Jet kit even comes with LESS stuff in the starter kit than the Fizzi which comes with two bottles, flavor samples, and a full-size CO2 canister.

  • For best results use cold water to fill the bottle because it holds carbonation much better than straight tap water. Next, WAIT and let the CO2 absorb into the water for more bubbles. Don’t pull the bottle out of the machine right away. It may sound weird, but I read a tip to put the whole machine, with bottle inside, into the fridge after carbonation and leave it for around thirty minutes. I tried this, and the fizz was much better. By keeping it in the machine, it stays sealed. Try it and see. I have heard some people try CO2 cartridges made for other uses that you can pick up at sporting good stores. Those do not use FOOD GRADE CO2, and they could make you sick, so please stick with the safe SodaStream canisters recommended.

    • Did you get the one for $49.95 (with the starter kit) or the other one? I saw one that was black & one that was greyish white

  • I have owned this six months and used it nearly every day. Now it won’t work due to one little part breaking, UGH! We drink too much sparkling water and love the simplicity of the SodaStream machine to not buy another unit, so we plan to upgrade to the most expensive model and hope our luck improves.

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