If you’re looking for a very close substitute to SodaStream products, here are 9 best SodaStream alternatives that are available on the market. If you’re seeking to completely avoid SodaStream as a brand, since some of these soda makers still use SodaStream’s refill system, you can opt for these DIY refill methods. In fact, by buying a SodaMod tank or a CO2 tank and attaching them through an adapter, you bypass the need to buy a SodaStream carbonator and use their refill system.

Aarke 3

This beautiful piece recently launched at 2020 by the Swedish company is one of the best SodaStream alternatives you can currently find. The new addition of the stainless-steel nozzle, along with the new lever damper gives more accuracy and stability to the carbonating process, comparing to previous models of Aarke soda makers.
The new Aarke 3 comes with additional 1 PET bottle, which got a new elegant design as well. Have in mind that PET bottles must be washed by hand and must be replaced from time to time as recommended.
The Aarke 3 has very easy set up and as previous models, is easy to operate, especially if compared to other soda makers. Just like the Aarke 2, it still needs a SodaStream 60L 14.5 oz Co2 carbonator cartridge. But when it comes to adding flavors to your soda, there is no must to count on the Soda Stream flavors any more- Aarke offers the Aarke Essences and Syrups, as well as Six Barrel Soda syrups for added flavor that is all-natural and low in sugar.
Overall, the Aarke 3 is one of the greatest SodaStream alternatives, as long as you are not looking for the cheapest option, or having issues with the SodaStream carbonators.


The DrinkMate, made by iSoda, is an affordable and effective SodaStream alternative machine. Users love it as it gives them the freedom to not just carbonate water, but also other beverages (some common usages included sparkling tea, sparkling wine and sparkling fruit juices). The DrinkMate also gives more control over the carbonation process through the detachable fizz infuser. Once again however, the DrinkMate uses SodaStream’s refill system but has its own BPA free bottles. Overall, the DrinkMate is a great substitute since its inexpensive, easy to use and more versatile than SodaStream machines as it can carbonate anything. See Full Review

FiZZPod Soda Maker

If you enjoy healthy drinks, but don’t want to leave your house, the FIZZpod will help you avoid drinking soda and all those drinks with high preservatives and sugar. This isn’t just a sparkling water maker. With its split injection pipe and two-step gas relief feature, you can make any type of beverage and even add fruit if you wish.

Anyone that has been successful at getting rid of unhealthy beverages from their diet will probably admit that they miss carbonated drinks. With the FIZZpod, you can enjoy these drinks once again, but in a healthy way. You no longer need to purchase bottled or canned carbonated drinks, but you can make them at home while having complete control of the ingredients that go into them.

FiZZPod Soda MakerCheck Latest Price

This is a durable accessory for your kitchen made of sturdy parts that are long-lasting. Convenient and lightweight, the FIZZpod is easy to use and features a cylinder screw that lets you attach and take the bottle off without a hassle. This machine can air charge, so you don’t have to worry about wires getting in your way while you make a drink.

If you enjoy getting creative with your healthy drinks, you will find that there are endless fun possibilities with the FIZZpod. You can make coffee, juice, and tea as well as fun alcoholic drinks including wine and sangria. You can even refizz flat beer with it. The FIZZpod Soda Maker can make more than sparkling water. The two auto-relief valves and two manual relief valves minimize the possibility of it getting blocked allowing you to add ice, soda, juice, and slices of fruit without having to worry.

The FIZZpod uses standard 60L CO2 cylinders and can work with any brand found in North America. The unit comes equipped with one carbonator, three PET bottles, three caps, one FIZZ infuser, and an instruction manual. This is a great gift for anyone that enjoys a carbonated drink and is one of the best SodaStream Alternatives you can get!

Aarke Carbonator II

The machine’s sleek, elegant design and ease of use make the Aarke Carbonator II one of the highest-rated on the market although having been first introduced in 2018.
It stands 16 inches tall, has a footprint of a mere six inches and weighs little more than six pounds. The entire device is constructed of sturdy stainless steel in your choice of a black matte, brass or chrome finish. The overall design consists of the tall cylinder and top attachment head. The bottom features a grated, removable drip tray. The basic but elegant appearance of the Aarke Carbonator II is quite stunning.

Aarke Carbonator IICheck Latest Price

Each carbonator comes with one 14.5 ounce PET plastic bottle. The Aarke website offers additional bottles if desired. The bottles are also stylish in design, as they have stainless steel chrome screw caps and chrome finish around the bottom region. The bottles feature expiration dates and must be replaced as recommended. The PET carafes must only be hand washed. The company does not make or advise using glass bottles for safety reasons. The kit also comes with a spare gasket if needed. However, the 60-liter gas cylinder is sold separately. Aarke does not offer the cylinders. But, they explain that versions made by any other company are compatible with the Aarke.

The device does not require batteries or electricity, which makes it easy to take and use anywhere. Start by inserting the gas cylinder into the bottom of the Carbonator II. Make sure cylinder is firmly attached and screwed in place. Use a bottle filled with chilled water to the fill line. Insert the carbonation nozzle into the bottle and firmly screw the top onto the machine. Pull down the lever to activate the carbonation process. If desiring more bubbles, pull the lever all the way down and only halfway back up. Keep pushing the level down until satisfied with the amount of carbonation produced. Slowly raise the lever and unscrew the bottle. Add your favorite flavorings if desired.

The Aarke Carbonator II represents the second generation of the sparkling water maker. The Aarke is easier to operate compared to many competitive models. The simplistic but unique style of the soda maker is designed to be both durable and visually appealing. If you would like to read more about this Aarke 2 product, check our full review here, or understand how it can stand as one of the best SodaStream alternatives with this comparison.

Sparkel Beverage System

While many people love the taste of carbonated water, not everyone likes paying the cost that comes with it. Others may want a healthier drink for their lifestyle or their family. Sparkel Beverage System allows you to make healthy carbonated drinks that satisfy your craving for sparkling water without have to deal with the artificial sweeteners or chemicals that comes in bottled or canned carbonated drinks, and stands out as one of the best SodaStream soda makers alternatives.

It’s pretty common for those trying to lose weight that they cut out drinks with a lot of calories. Moms may also want to offer their kids a carbonated juice that is healthier than the soda that they ask for. With the Sparkel Beverage System, you can add carbon dioxide to any type of drink that not only provides a healthier alternative, but it also saves you money.

Sparkel Beverage SystemCheck Latest Price

It is possible to create several types of carbonated drinks. You can use plain water either from a bottle or from the tap. Just add a piece of cucumber, and you can create a refreshing cucumber spritzer. Keep in mind that regular water will come with minerals in it, so when you carbonate it, the minerals will become enhanced giving you the taste of bubbly mineral at a fraction of the cost.

If you like, you can add a variety of flavors to your Sparkel beverage. Sparkel has an idea center that can give you resort-style recipes. By adding fresh strawberries to your water, the Sparkel Beverage System can diffuse this juice instantly throughout the water filling it with flavor. Other recipes recommend using kiwi for tartness, fresh cucumber for a light and airy drink, mint for a calming beverage, and adding ginger and peach to your tea.

And finally, Sparkel makes some great soft drinks and cocktails. The Sparkel Beverage System lets you easily mix up a mimosa or a lime and vodka drink to sip on. You can create teas, spritzers, and juicers as well. This is an easy to maintain beverage system that cleans just like a coffee maker. Just wipe the outside down to keep it clean and run hot water through the nozzle to wash it out. The basin is easy to clean with warm water by just lifting up the grid.

The Sparkel Beverage System is equipped with one beverage glass, but you can order more if you want. It’s also a good idea to keep yourself stocked with carbonation packets when friends and family come over for a surprise visit. Plus, you can sign up for a handy subscription service that delivers more carbonation packs to your door each month.

Bonne O Sparkling Beverage Maker

If you are looking for one of the SodaStream soda maker alternatives which is  completely not affiliated with SodaStream, Bonne O has got you covered. It’s a product that offers carbonation as well as the ability to infuse your drinks with unique flavors, a feature that no SodaStream machine has. On top of that, it’s truly independent from SodaStream seeing that it has its own refill system. Instead of using carbonation cylinders that you need to refill periodically, it has carbonator tablets that are good for 1 use and can carbonate the entirety of the 750 ml bottle. In terms of price, it’s middle of the pack (more expensive than soda siphons but there are more expensive soda making machines). The refills are quite expensive at $0.9/L when the carbonators are bought in bulk. Also, take note of the fact that the Bonne O needs to be plugged in to work so make sure you’ve got an extra outlet for it. See Full Review

KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker

While this high quality soda maker is manufactured by KitchenAid, it is still reliant on SodaStream’s refill system so if you’re aiming to avoid SodaStream completely, I’d suggest looking for other soda makers. If you just didn’t like the SodaStream machines and you can afford it, the KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage maker is a great alternative to SodaStream machines. It’s by far the most solid of all soda makers with its metal construction and it’s definitely going to last you a long time. Also, its highly practical to use with the snap-lock mechanism (makes attaching the bottle to the soda maker easier) and a carbonation lever while coming with a handy CO2 meter that allows you to see how carbonated the drink is. See Full Review

Soda Siphons

On the other, hand if you don’t mind switching to a smaller apparatus, soda siphons are a great alternative to SodaStream machines. Consisting of bottles to whom small devices are attached, they are also able to carbonate water. Even though they take slightly longer to operate, they are still easy to use, make delicious sparkling water, take up less space and cost less. On top of that, none of them use the SodaStream refill system and instead use CO2 cartridges, allowing you to bypass SodaStream completely. On top of that, these soda makers are able to carbonate any beverage, not just water.


The SodaPlus Soda siphon is a durable stainless steel soda siphon that can use generic CO2 cartridges and that can be put in the dishwasher: three great characteristics for a soda siphon as it means it’ll last longer, cost less to refill and is easy to wash. In fact, generic CO2 cartridges can be bought in bulk on Amazon for roughly for roughly half the price of specific brand name cartridges. The SodaPlus is bigger than most soda siphons at 1.2L and it takes a while for it to carbonate the water.

iSi Soda Siphon

Finally, there’s the iSi Soda Siphon, another metal soda siphon that comes in either stainless steel (0.75L) or brushed aluminum (1L). It can use generic 8g CO2 cartridges, meaning that once again you can save more money, and comes with a 2 year warranty. Unfortunately, like the SodaPlus, it takes more time for it to carbonate water and a few users reported issues with it being leaky. The majority of them however really enjoyed the iSi Soda Siphon and found that it worked very well.

Alternatives to SodaStream flavor mixes

All these suggestions are great if you just want sparkling water but what if you want some more flavor that’s not provided by SodaStream flavor mixes. Luckily, there are also plenty of alternatives to SodaStream flavor mixes. For example, if you’re using one of these soda makers that can carbonate anything, go ahead and put a flavored beverage (wine, fruit juice, lemonade) and carbonate it! Or, if you have the Bonne O, you can infuse the water with natural fruit flavors through its unique feature. Finally, there are also healthy, low-calorie flavor packs such as Crystal Light, Mio that can be added or high-quality Italian syrups such as Torani if you want to make truly delicious drinks. For more suggestions, take a look at this article on alternatives to SodaStream flavor mixes.

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  • I know almost nothing about this stuff but have often thought it a waste that my Sodastream spews all of this gas while carbonating the water. Isn’t there a machine that pumps through a cap , so that I do not need to release the pressure to put the cap on and it keeps the bottle pressurized until you wish to drink it?

  • SodaStream is the best for creating fizz – that’s why so many companies use their components.
    It’s a lot of extra effort with poor results…. buy Sodastream and forgo the hassle

  • The KitchenAid product is being discontinued by KitchenAid due to lackluster sales, according to their customer service rep (during a call in Aug 2019). It is no longer being manufactured, as I was trying to get a warranty replacement for one that stopped working after 8 months of daily use. Sad. You can still buy them from retailers, but be warned that warranty replacement will no longer be an option if problems arise.

  • Thanks for this information! I’m sad to see that all the hand held alternatives to SodaStream are not available – is SodaStream blocking them or what’s going on? It’s weird that NO ONE has them anywhere online.

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