6 Great Alternatives to SodaStream Machines

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SodaStream is the biggest company by far when it comes to manufacturing soda makers. Headquartered in Israel, the company is over 100 years old and sell hundreds of millions of dollars of product every year, with their refill system being integrated in countries all across the world. Nonetheless, they are not the only company that makes soda makers and lots of competent alternatives are available if you want to avoid their brand while still being able to enjoy delicious home made sparkling water and beverages. Here's a list of these SodaStream substitutes (filtered to only include good soda makers) that are still available at the moment.

Soda Machines

SodaStream only makes soda maker machines so if you’re looking for a very close substitute to their products, here are three that are still available on the market. If you’re seeking to completely avoid SodaStream as a brand, since some of these soda makers still use SodaStream’s refill system, you can opt for these DIY refill methods. In fact, by buying a SodaMod tank or a CO2 tank and attaching them through an adapter, you bypass the need to buy a SodaStream carbonator and use their refill system.

Bonne O Sparkling Beverage Maker

If you want a soda maker completely not affiliated with SodaStream, Bonne O has got you covered. It’s a new product that offers carbonation as well as the ability to infuse your drinks with unique flavors, a feature that no SodaStream machine has. On top of that, it’s truly independent from SodaStream seeing that it has its own refill system. Instead of using carbonation cylinders that you need to refill periodically, it has carbonator tablets that are good for 1 use and can carbonate the entirety of the 750 ml bottle. In terms of price, it’s middle of the pack (more expensive than soda siphons but there are more expensive soda making machines). The refills are quite expensive at $0.9/L when the carbonators are bought in bulk. Also, take note of the fact that the Bonne O needs to be plugged in to work so make sure you’ve got an extra outlet for it.


The DrinkMate, made by iSoda, is an affordable and effective alternative to SodaStream machines. Users love it as it gives them the freedom to not just carbonate water, but also other beverages (some common usages included sparkling tea, sparkling wine and sparkling fruit juices). The DrinkMate also gives more control over the carbonation process through the detachable fizz infuser. Once again however, the DrinkMate uses SodaStream’s refill system but has its own BPA free bottles. Overall, the DrinkMate is a great substitute since its inexpensive, easy to use and more versatile than SodaStream machines as it can carbonate anything.

KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker

While this high quality soda maker is manufactured by KitchenAid, it is still reliant on SodaStream’s refill system so if you’re aiming to avoid SodaStream completely, I’d suggest looking for other soda makers. If you just didn’t like the SodaStream machines and you can afford it, the KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage maker is a great alternative to SodaStream machines. It’s by far the most solid of all soda makers with its metal construction and it’s definitely going to last you a long time. Also, its highly practical to use with the snap-lock mechanism (makes attaching the bottle to the soda maker easier) and a carbonation lever while coming with a handy CO2 meter that allows you to see how carbonated the drink is.

Soda Siphons

On the other, hand if you don’t mind switching to a smaller apparatus, soda siphons are a great alternative to SodaStream machines. Consisting of bottles to whom small devices are attached, they are also able to carbonate water. Even though they take slightly longer to operate, they are still easy to use, make delicious sparkling water, take up less space and cost less. On top of that, none of them use the SodaStream refill system and instead use CO2 cartridges, allowing you to bypass SodaStream completely. On top of that, these soda makers are able to carbonate any beverage, not just water.


The SodaPlus Soda siphon is a durable stainless steel soda siphon that can use generic CO2 cartridges and that can be put in the dishwasher: three great characteristics for a soda siphon as it means it’ll last longer, cost less to refill and is easy to wash. In fact, generic CO2 cartridges can be bought in bulk on Amazon for roughly for roughly half the price of specific brand name cartridges. The SodaPlus is bigger than most soda siphons at 1.2L and it takes a while for it to carbonate the water.


SodaSparkle is another brand that makes soda siphons that can be used as alternatives to SodaStream machines. They’re slightly different than most soda machines as the head that attaches to the top of the SodaSparkle bottle acts kind of like a mini soda maker machine, allowing for fast and easy carbonation of the water. When buying the starter kit, you get the 1L bottle as well as 5 of their CO2 soda chargers. Unfortunately, the SodaSparkle has to use these cartridges that cost that are more expensive than generic cartridges on Amazon. Nonetheless, the SodaSparkle is well enjoyed by its users that commend it for working well and quickly.

iSi Soda Siphon

Finally, there’s the iSi Soda Siphon, another metal soda siphon that comes in either stainless steel (0.75L) or brushed aluminum (1L). It can use generic 8g CO2 cartridges, meaning that once again you can save more money, and comes with a 2 year warranty. Unfortunately, like the SodaPlus, it takes more time for it to carbonate water and a few users reported issues with it being leaky. The majority of them however really enjoyed the iSi Soda Siphon and found that it worked very well.

Alternatives to SodaStream flavor mixes

All these suggestions are great if you just want sparkling water but what if you want some more flavor that’s not provided by SodaStream flavor mixes. Luckily, there are also plenty of alternatives to SodaStream flavor mixes. For example, if you’re using one of these soda makers that can carbonate anything, go ahead and put a flavored beverage (wine, fruit juice, lemonade) and carbonate it! Or, if you have the Bonne O, you can infuse the water with natural fruit flavors through its unique feature. Finally, there are also healthy, low calorie flavor packs such as Crystal Light, Mio that can be added or high quality italian syrups such as Torani if you want to make truly delicious drinks. For more suggestions, take at this article on alternatives to SodaStream flavor mixes.

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