Drinking from glass water bottles has become the latest drinking fab over the last several years – and for good reason. Unlike plastic bottles, glass water bottles do not contain any harmful chemicals such as BPA or polycarbonate. Drinking from a glass water bottle is also better for the environment. Made with 100% recyclable material that can be used countless times, glass water bottles also give your water a fresher taste.

Still not sure about switching to this latest drinking fab? According to myownbottle.com, 99% of all plastic bottles used will not be recycled and will end up in a landfill. With Americans buying an estimated 29.8 billion plastic bottles, this means only a small portion of that will be recycled. Using a glass water bottle can save our planet from the harmful effects of waste and is overall better for your health.

Are you ready to make the switch from glass to plastic and are wondering which glass bottle is best for you? Maybe you are a juicer looking for a glass bottle to hold your juice? Or are you looking for a bottle to store your homemade brews? Do you need an air-tight glass bottle to hold oils? Look no further, this list of glass bottles range in size and we know you’ll find the best glass bottle for all your needs!

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1. Brieftons Glass Water Bottle

The Brieftons glass water bottles are made of long-lasting, durable clear soda-lime glass. With a watertight stainless-steel cap, these bottles offer a leak-free experience. The Brieftons glass water bottle is perfect for everyday water use and is also the perfect size to store juices in the fridge. This glass water bottle is perfect for your trips to the gym, your office desk, or anywhere that you need to go.

When you purchase the Brieftons glass water bottle, you are purchasing not only one but SIX water bottles plus a brush for cleaning. This water bottle also comes with a money-back guarantee.

What are customers loving most about this bottle? Thousands of happy customers are raving about the water bottle’s size and ability to hold both hot and cold beverages. The air-tight lid and dish-washer safe are both features that customers seem to love the most. Overall, if you are looking to replace your current plastic water bottle, this glass bottle is the perfect option for you.

2. Mockins Glass Bottles

The Mockins Glass Bottles are perfect for, well, just about anything. Whether you need glass bottles to hold your homemade dressings or juices, these glass bottles promise to keep your liquids tasting fresher for longer. The Mockins glass bottles offer a sleek, trendy design that will look good in any fridge and offer a subtle trendy vibe to your kitchen. The Mockins glass bottles come in a set of 12 and include a funnel for easy pouring, a brush cleaner for easy cleaning, and an erasable marker to help you remember which liquids are in the bottle.

Similar to the Brieftons glass water bottle, the Mockins also offers a money-back guarantee.

What are customers loving most about these glass bottles? Customers are loving the shape of these bottles for easy cleaning and storage. These bottles are perfect for storing syrups, oils, and dressings that tend to be in the fridge for long periods. Many customers are eager to point out that this set of 12 bottles has lasted a long time because of their durability.

3. Estilo Swing Glass Bottles

The Estilo Swing Glass Bottles are the perfect option for holding your favorite home brews, teas, wines, and vinaigrettes. The complete seal is easy to use and keeps your liquids fresh tasting for longer. These glass bottles hold 16oz. and are just the right size for storing inside your fridge without taking up too much room. With the Estillo glass bottles, you can be guaranteed that your favorite brews are not being contaminated by harmful BPAS and the air-right seal promises long-lasting freshness. The classic swing-top style lid makes these bottles easy to open but also makes sure that the cap is sealed just right after each use.

What are customers loving most about these glass bottles? Customers love how inexpensive these bottles are and claim you cannot beat the quality for the price. Many customers also love the square shape design of the bottle, claiming that its’ shape makes it perfect for storing in the fridge. Overall, these bottles should be your number one choice for homebrews such as tea, beer, or wine.

4. Nakpunar Glass Bottles

The Nakpunar glass bottles are great if you’re looking for something smaller to hold vinegar, wine, olive oil, or essential oils. These 6 ozs. glass bottles are BPA free, lead-free, and come with a cork lid to ensure long-lasting freshness. Made from heavy-duty glass, these bottles are durable for long-lasting use. The frosted body style of these glass bottles also makes them perfect to use at weddings, baby showers, and other special occasions. With these bottles, you can hold liquors, homemade brews and be ensured they will stay fresh.

What are customers are loving most about these bottles? The size of the bottles is perfect for decorating during the holidays and for special occasions. Whether you need a small bottle for gift giving or are looking for a bottle to fit your homemade “potions”, these small bottles are just the right size!

5. Zuzoro Glass Bottles

The Zuzoro glass bottles are recommended for juicing or kombucha storage but are also portable and sleek enough for everyday water drinking. These glass bottles claim to be the most secure beverage bottles on the market and can hold either cold or warm beverages. The Zuzoro glass bottles are BPA free and food safe. What makes the Zuzoro glass bottles different is there sleek, round design that takes up minimal space. For everyday use, the Zuzoro glass bottle comes with a protective nylon sleeve that allows the bottle to be as portable as plastic and make it easy for gripping the bottle. Along with the nylon case, the bottle also is designed with a carrying loop for easy carrying.

What customers are loving most about this bottle? Customers are loving this 6-pack bottle pack and its’ slime design. Anybody who is looking to make juice at home will have plenty of storage with these bottles and can be guaranteed freshness. Overall, these bottles are perfect anybody who needs a slim glass bottle that is easily portable.

If you’re ready to cut down on your plastic waste this year, we hope that you can find the perfect glass bottle for all your needs. Whether you are going to make your juices, need a new water bottle, or want to keep your homemade brews fresh, we know you will find the perfect glass bottle from this list.

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