For those of you who swear by carbonated drinks, a seltzer siphon is a tool of the trade made specifically for people like you. These handy little bottles provide you with refreshing carbonated beverages whenever you want them and are an excellent addition to your kitchen experience, whether catering to yourself or a small party.

How Seltzer Siphon Works

A siphon bottle, which you may also see used to make whipped cream, is incredibly easy to use. You fill up your bottle with the desired drink, twist on the top, screw a carbon dioxide capsule on, and give it a proper shaking. As you shake the container, the gas from the carbon dioxide capsule dissolves into the water, giving it the desired carbonation. Pop the bottle in the fridge, let it chill overnight, or for a few hours, and just like that, you’re ready with a crisp, cold, and carbonated drink!

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Why You Need a Seltzer Siphon

Not only are seltzer siphon bottles convenient, but they’re also practical too. When you open a can of soda or sparkling water, you have to drink it right away; otherwise, your drink will go flat. Most times, though, you may not want to drink the entire thing immediately. Maybe you only wish to drink half or just a little at the moment, but that means the rest of the drink most likely goes down the drain. With a siphon bottle, you only have to pour out what you need. When you use it, you open a valve, and that valve automatically closes up when it isn’t required to be open, so the carbonation always stays even if you don’t use the siphon again for days on end.

The best seltzer siphons are easy to clean, easy to store away, and can be used to make anything from homemade sodas to sparkling cocktails to sparkling water.

What To Look For When Buying the Best Selzer Siphon

When choosing a seltzer siphon, there are a few things to consider to make sure you’re making the right purchase. You’ll want to select a durable material, preferably stainless steel or another type of metal. The glass ones may be tempting because they are undoubtedly appealing, aesthetically speaking, but you’ll want to avoid them. If you accidentally drop a pressurized glass container, you risk dealing with an even nastier situation that if you had just mishandled a glass on its own.

The other main thing to make sure of would be that the bottle has a good seal. A broken or old seal will prevent the capsules from going on correctly, which will prevent you from being able to carbonate your drink.

To help you look for the right seltzer siphon bottle for you, we’ve comprised a quick list of three quality siphon bottles tog et you started.

The Best Seltzer Siphons – Reviews

1. Nuvantee Soda Siphon

For a smooth and straightforward seltzer siphon, Nuvantee offers this 1-liter bottle to set you up with what you need. Nuvantee makes this bottle from sleek aluminum, is dishwasher safe, and takes both 8-gram carbon and nitrogen dioxide cartridges for carbonating your drink of choice. The product doesn’t come with the capsules used to charge the bottle, but you can find CO2 cartridges just about anywhere. The lid of the siphon also has secure threading, which prevents drips from the pressurized container.

To use, you’ll want to fill it up with about three and a half to four cups of liquid – though unfortunately, you can’t see into the bottle to gauge this, so you may need to use measuring cups or eyeball it if you can. Once charged, it takes about 10 minutes to carbonate completely. For the best results every time, give it a little shake before each time you pour a drink.

Aside from the bottle itself, you also get the aluminum charger holder (for the capsules), extra o-rings, and a plastic fork key for removing the tube inside of the bottle when it’s time to wash everything. Your purchase will also include a free e-book of cocktail recipes so that you can get the most out of your seltzer siphon.

2. Baskiss Soda Siphon Maker

Another fantastic starter siphon would be this 1-liter bottle by Baskiss. The container is a durable solid aluminum, works with 8-gram carbon dioxide cartridges, and has edible epoxy resin on the inside, so you aren’t getting any unwanted chemicals inside your drink. Like the Nuvantee, the CO2 capsules don’t come with the bottle, but they aren’t hard to find anywhere else.

Before using this siphon, it’s ideal if you clean the bottle and let it chill in the fridge for about two to three hours. To use the siphon, you’ll want to fill the container about two-thirds of the way up, to leave room for the gas when you charge the bottle. After charging and giving it a few vigorous shakes, it’ll take about 10 minutes for the gas to dissolve completely, which you’ll want to let happen while storing it in the fridge. However, waiting 20 minutes or even longer produces even better results.

You can’t see inside this bottle either, so measuring might be a little tricky. Using a measuring cup could come in handy, but if that’s too tedious, you’ll have to do your best to eyeball it. The only other downside is that while the bottle itself is aluminum, the top plastic, so you’ll have to be more careful with the lid, knowing that it’s more susceptible to damage than the metal bottle.

3. Impeccable Culinary Objects ICO011 Soda Siphon

For a more professional look, you might want to go with this 1-liter siphon bottle by Impeccable Culinary Objects. The container is made from sleek aluminum, with a durable pressure regulator and secure threading to keep any liquid from leaking out. The siphon works with 8-gram carbon dioxide cartridges of any brand, though the CO2 capsules don’t come with the purchase. While the default top is black, it also comes with a silver top for an even more polished appearance.

This durable bottle retains carbonation up to two weeks after charging and provides even better results when shaken before each use. For tips and recipes, the manufacturer also throws in a physical booklet that comes with eight recipes, mixology tips, and other recommendations on what to use the siphon for. After use, you can wash the bottle in the dishwasher without worrying about it any possible damage.

As an additional note, a lot of buyers agree that ICO offers some stellar customer service to help you handle any issues you might have with this purchase.

If you aren’t sold already on the idea of a seltzer siphon, think again about how practical they are. A seltzer siphon is incredibly easy to use, saves you a ton of money and trips to the store, and also saves a great deal of plastic while you’re at it. These aren’t just amazing products for you, but they’re amazing products for the environment too – not to mention, they’re pretty cheap for how long you’ll be able to use them! Consider grabbing one of these as soon as you can; chances are you won’t regret the purchase.

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