The Whip-It! Soda Siphon is perfect if you are looking for an inexpensive metal soda siphon.


• Bottle Lock Mechanism: Twist-on
• Size: 13″ Height x 4″ Diameter
• Refill Method: Whip-It! CO2 cartridges
• Construction: Anodized aluminum
• Warranty: 1 year warranty

What’s Included

The Whip-It! Soda Siphon only comes with the actual soda maker.

How To Use

• Remove top, long tube and measuring tube from the bottle
• Replace measuring tube and fill with cold water.
• Take the long tube and the washer and put them back inside.
• Screw the siphon head back on.
• Unscrew the cap cover and take it off.
• Put a CO2 cartridge in the cartridge holder.
• Close it and shake it slightly.

The Whip-It! Soda Siphon is relatively easy to use but the whole process takes quite a long time.


To refill this soda siphon, you need to use Whip-It! CO2 chargers. The Whip-It! CO2 chargers can be bought in bulk on Amazon for roughly 52 cents each.

Our Review


  1. Relatively affordable when compared to other soda siphons.
  2. Available in a wider variety of colors.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Made of anodized aluminum.
  5. Good level of carbonation.


  1. Can potentially be leaky or not work but it is rare and the company responded quickly.
  2. The whole carbonation process takes a while.
  3. Can only use Whip-It! CO2 chargers (52 cents each).

What Others are Saying

The good

Users praise the Whip-It!’s level of carbonation, the quality and the look.

The bad

One user complained about his model being leaky while another’s stopped working. Also, they were disappointed by the fact that the water wouldn’t stay carbonated after an overnight stay resulting in it becoming flat.

4 Thoughts on “Whip-It! Soda Siphon Review”

  • These types of soda makers are far better than the typical plastic ones that have flooded the market. First and foremost, Soda Siphone is made of metal, and so, it cannot burst in the face the way a plastic unit would.

    One thing I must commend Whip about is the fact that they have upgraded the old bottles with new attractive designs and colors. Here are my pros and cons I come to deduce after using the soda maker for some time:

    • Functions utterly and much better than plastic devices, which could potential explode
    • It gives you enough carbonation as opposed to plastic counterparts

    • I feel like the rubbery tactile lasts only for a short while. I think it will not take a year before it disintegrates
    • I wish the manufacturer made bigger versions. The one-liter version is not sufficient

  • This soda siphon, has an attractive color, which I love. I also appreciate the idea of getting rid of waste and save cash by preparing seltzer water on my won at home. The first soda siphon I bought refused to work after only a couple of uses. I was surprised to see water oozing out of the carbonated port, and it continued to leak until the entire tank was empty. I can’t really explain what happened there. I immediately got a replacement from Amazon. The new one is working quite well, and I can’t complain about it yet. I used to love seltzer soda water because it used to produce a lot of bubbles. So, I am trying to get used to the less-carbonated water from Soda Siphone. While I do like the color of the device, it still makes it hard for me to know when I reach the maximum fill line. I would recommend a clear one, especially if one does not want to measure the amount of water, they pour in.

  • I purchased my soda siphone straight from the Whip-it company, and I have never been so disappointed. Well, I read the directions and followed every step to the letter. However, nothing came out when I squeezed the lever. As a result, I took it back to the manufacturer, and they said I must have put a lot of water (I did not). Anyways, I was given a new head, and they showed me how to use it. And I said well, great! Once I got home, the device did not have any pressure when I squeezed the valve. So, I was forced to use a separate charger to achieve the right pressure once again (mind you this is per the manufacturer’s guidelines). This means I used two chargers for every 32 Oz of soda. The manufacturer, however, says that one charger is enough to make a bottle of soda, but this is not the case. When I saw that it is not working for me as I had anticipated, I requested a refund on eBay, who said I could only do that within 15 days of purchase. But when I actually asked for a refund, they refused because the product had already been used. This is so special. How do you know if a product works or not if you do not try it out? If you have to spend more on chargers in order to use this device, then it is not worth it. Each bottle requires two chargers to maintain sufficient pressure to push the water out. However, I must say, the container looks incredible.

  • I always yearned to have my soda siphone at my bar, and so, I chose to purchase the Whip-It Soda Siphon soda maker. The device works well. I checked out the instructions from other reviews on how to prepare the soda, and I had no problem whatsoever.

    The only reason I will not give it five stars is that it does not hold a lot of soda. A single bottle produces around four drinks, which is not bad, but when I started preparing cherry sodas for my wife, I realized I need more soda. I think they sell larger ones; I wish I had considered that before I bought this one.

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